Friday, July 08, 2005

The morning after - messages of support

Jim gets it, as far as I'm concerned:

"I hope and I believe that the attacks on London yesterday will be remembered not for how much they changed Londoners and the world but for how much they didn’t."
We've got over 50 dead, with the toll set to rise (though probably not to three figures - we've been lucky). And the world has been watching and trying to work out our response. Blitz spirit, guys. That simple.

Update: This is also spot on.

Click here for the liveblog timeline.

Another update: Some Arab and Muslim views, just to try and shut up the bigoted, homicidal idiots in my comments sections:
  • Mahmood - his comments section also worth checking out
  • Ibn al Rafidain
  • Beth-Nahrain
  • Muslim responses collected by
  • Mere Islam
  • Sunni Path
  • - "Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims of this insane and criminal attack. We hope that the people of Britain see through this and continue good relations with British Muslims and not be affected by the rantings of a few bigots who may use these events to place a wedge between communities."
Some of the messages of support received on this blog from some of the 30,000 visitors it has received in the last 24 hours:
  • "I am sorry for all of you in London. All my thoughts with you." - Scribbles
  • "I love how British people react to a real crisis. I'm so proud." - Katie
  • "I was in the NYC subways on 9/11 as the trains jerked to a stop every 15 seconds. When I finally got to my stop, I was furious that it had taken me so long to get to work...of course, then someone told me that it was okay for me to be late because a jet had just crashed into a building downtown.
    "I know a load of people out there in the world find it fashionable to hate Americans right now, but hopefully some of them will realize our people are not the sum of our foreign policy. I can assure you that millions of us are waking up to the news of the attacks in London, and millions of us wish we could be there to help." - JB
  • "You have our condolences for these barbaric attacks on your citizenry. These monsters have no soul and have no conscience. Blowing up a bus…. They make me sick…" - Soul
  • " Condolences and sympathies from America. Hope you get the bastards who did it and string them up." - TallDave
  • "I am reading this site from Boston, and it is giving me a far better indication of what is happening in London and how people there are coping than any of our television networks... Please know I am sickened by these atrocities, and am praying for the victims of these heinous crimes." - Margaret
  • "Thanks for keeping us informed -- excellent work under difficult circumstances, I'm sure. It was comforting just to have a steady stream of information, knowing it would be improved and refined as more became known. My condolences to any and all." - Cosmo
  • "I'm sure that I can safely say that the vast majority of Americans wish to convey their heartfelt sympathy for the events this morning and stand with England in our prayers and sentiments. Hopefully, we can all work together against these extremists to end their evil." - enemyplanet
  • "We real New Yorkers are with you, just like you backed us up on 9/11. I've contacted my friends at Canary and they're all ok. I'll hoist a few pints for you all this afternoon." - Anonymous
  • " God bless you all in London. I am very proud of the way you seem to be conducting yourselves in the face of such evil...Our prayers and thoughts are with you." - Steve from Cincinnati
  • "im so sorry this happened. it hurts so much. i hope you know that when the s*it hits the fan americans will ALWAYS go to the mat for you. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!! RIP VICTIMS" - Stephen, Washington, DC
  • "All the rumors remind me of what it was like to be in DC on Sept 11 when every 2 minutes there was another warning of a suspected bomb here, another plane there, suspicious packages outside the state dept etc. Hard to increase the signal to noise ratio in the opening stages. Stay safe. I'm taking your advice and heading out for a smoke. Cheers - MH, Dupont, DC
  • "I am 100 yds from Aldgate and can tell you that the great British reaction has go to the pub. If in doubt, get drunk!" - Mark T
  • " God Bless the UK. Another american" - Anonymous
  • "Canada sends its condolences folks. Good to see that you Brits are taking it in stride and keeping your wits about you. Looks good on ya!" -
  • "If I were there, I'd have a pint and a smoke with you and count it an honor. The British have more backbone than anyone." - Anonymous
  • " My Condolences for the dead, My Best Wishes to all Londoners." - Thomas in Atlanta
  • " Hi, horrible day. Must say thank you for your liveblogging of it all. It has been my primary source all day, especially whilst main news sites slowed down under the pressure.
    I am off home shortly to kiss my kids!" - Lance
  • " This sucks. Condolences and prayers for Londoners. Keep the faith! Thanks for the liveblogging." - Owen in New Orelans
  • " Prayers to you all from America! ... Very impressed by the reaction on the street in London, you Brits are always so collected emotionally. An American of Scottish decent, God Bless you all and may you find your way home to be with your loved ones as soon as possible." - Anonymous
  • "Best wishes to all, and support the war on terror." - Robert, Dallas, TX USA
  • " In the USA our deep sympathy goes out to the British people." - KSM
  • " My condolences to you and your countrymen also." - sidhewlf
  • "Romania stands with you all... and our hearts go out to those who were injured and the families of those who lost loved ones today. Pax" - soj
  • " My thoughts and prayers are with all Londoners today. Please stay true to your principles and don't let any extremists from anywhere deter you from following your own consciences. Blessed Be," -Heiuan in South Florida
  • "'Neither let us be slandered from our duty by false accusations against us, nor frightened from it by menaces of destruction to the Government nor of dungeons to ourselves. Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, tot he end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.' ...Our hearts and thoughts are with you." - BlueTexas
  • " Seems London is doing a really admirable job of dealing with this. Best of luck." - washerdreyer
  • " A tragic day for a great nation. All of America mourns your loss." - Tom from Michigan
  • " Thoughts and prayers for all the Britons from here in Chicago. I stand in awe at the calm yet determined resolve you've shown in the face of this hideous disaster. Be proud, stand tall, and don't let these psychos get you down." - R. Morrow, Chicago, Illinois
  • "Hearthfelt condolences from New York. Our thoughts are with the people of London and the UK. We hope for the recovery of those hurt. Shame on the assassins behind this monstrosity." - Anonymous
  • "You've done an excellent job of blogging this today. We've been so worried about y'all - thanks for bringing the news to a regular American family. We (meaning almost every American I know) love you Brits, and respect the essential goodness and steel-reinforced backbone of the British people. I am so sorry that these terrible things happened to you guys today. You have our prayers, and our complete support." - Kelley
  • "well I hope that everyone is alright and that nothing else has happened since.. condolences and tears for those hurt, killed, or bereaved in the UK, and just a short note to urge you guys to stay strong.. whatever you do, don't let them use this sort of tragedy to force you into ID cards or privacy compromises. That would just be disgusting. love from canada," - Julia
  • "'Whither thou goest I will go, and whither thou lodgest I will lodge. Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God. Even to the end.' From a US country boy to all y'all over there." - Anonymous
  • "I was impressed by how calm and collected the coverage/security services have been to this event. Of course London has been attacked before by cowardly terrorists. I live in Central London and spent the day making sure my mates were alright and telling them who was accounted for. I liveblogged it the entire day to provide for my readers from other parts of the Anglosphere who knew people in London. My thoughts are with those who are injured or lost loved ones.No retreat, No Surrender." - Lagwolf
  • " From Canada - There are no words to properly convey 'I'm so sorry.' Great blog, by the way. I love your attitude, and how you refuse to be cowed by this. I love that you went to the pub :-)" - Jess from Canada
  • " Condolences to all. Too much of ANYTHING is not good." - Dave from US
  • "Please ignore the misguided Americans... They do not make it easy for the rest of us at home or abroad. The majority of us are with you in thought and prayer and like-mindedness. Be safe." - rugdesigner
  • "kudos on the day Nosemonkey, sterling stuff and 100% agreed on your statements re: why us Brits are such splendid chaps. Hopefully the world can learn something from us today." - Paul Davis
  • "Sympathy, Respect, Love. Seattle, WA" - Anonymous
  • "I'm a 20 year old Spanish girl from Madrid and want to express my condolences to you English people and especially to Londoners. Spain and especially my city understands your feelings right now and stands with you all... my heart and the heart of ALL Spanish people is really with the injured people, the families of the lost loved ones and everybody there suffering." - Anonymous
  • "Nosemonkey-Please ignore with dignity some of the rash and over the top comments of my countrymen. Now is not the time for ill considered acts but for an implacable resolve...your spirit cannot be overcome by the heinous acts of a few nihilistic madmen. Your attitude reminds me of one of my favorite speeches-the "We shall never surrender" speech by WC, 06/06/40. We salute you and, rest assured, will stand by you." - Kirby G., Phoenix, AZ
  • " We are so very sorry that this has happened. Please accept our sympathies for your losses." - Mitch
  • "Please disregard stupid comments from "Mike" & other angry-but-clueless posters. Please accept my condolences for those who have perished, the wounded & their families." - Stiiv
  • "My condlensces to all the UK, and to the other dozens of countries who now have their citizens killed and maimed by this cowardly act." - Rick M., Tampa, Florida
  • "Great blog....I work in the City and was also moved by the phlegmatic way people walked home (to Zone 4)...without making a fuss." - Pol
  • "As often, many take any opportunity available to express their political opinions. It is unfortunate that people are unable to control themselves, during such a time as this, as if their hatred of their political opposition stains all aspects of their lives. It seems that they cannot, even when expressing a desire to keep things non-political, keep from typing 'even though' or 'but', ready to express blame or distaste with 'so and so' or 'those people'.

    "Now is a time to reflect on the good and kind people who were simply making their way about their errands on another day in London, their lives tragically cut short or drastically altered by those who do not value life itself.
    "May those who suffer the most find some sense in the senseless. Blessings to the British people in their time of confusion and need." - A South Carolinian
  • " I can't impress enough how much this horrible event you have endured today affects us as well. Our hearts cry out for some resolution to this insanity. Shit, this whole thing is/has been getting WAY out of hand.You (England) are all on our hearts and minds." - Ret Englishman
  • "You Brits do rule." - Billy Yank
  • "Stuck as I am in Indiana, a Londoner-in-exile, I'll be doing my bit to support the British export industry at this time ... if only I can find a decent pint of beer." - Hulegu
  • "God bless the UK. I'd fly the Union Jack is I had one." - Grendal the Yank
  • " Just waking up to this story (in Japan). To Londoners and the UK: America will stand with you in your grief and your resolve to ensure the safety of your fellow countrymen who love peace." - Jared
  • " Words cannot express how sad I feel for you guys. My heart sank when I heard about this on the radio this morning." - S from California
  • "As someone who lost a brother on 9/11, i woke in tears this morning for all the Londoners who were so greatly hurt, scared, or murdered. The response of the British People today will win the admiration of the world. You have mine along with my deepest condolences. I stand with Great Britain as do many fine Americans. Stay strong and proud." - TJ in Washington, DC
  • "If there is any possible silver lining to this tragedy, it's that the entire world gets a reminder of what Brits are made of.
    "I drove past the British embassy on the way to work this morning, as I do every day. A statue of Winston Churchill stands in front of the embassy, facing Massachusetts Avenue. After seeing the reactions here and elsewhere, it shows just how futile any attempt to bomb Britain into submission will be. Pubs open, the Fiver blathers on about silly football news, and no one gives the scum who did this a chance to celebrate their 'victory'.
    "This gushy, emotional American has learned a great deal from you today, Britain." - Eric S (Washington DC)
  • " Sorrow and grief and rising anger from the heart of N. America." - Anonymous
  • "Speaking for myself and my family, I want to say that our thoughts and prayers will be with our fine British friends in the coming days. We visited England just last year and stayed in a B&B just across from King's Cross station, which makes it all a little more real for me.
    "You made it through the Blitz, you'll make it through this. Just don't give those terrorist bastards the satisfaction of seeing you scared. Show them the same steely resolve that made Goering give up in frustration.
    "Rule, Britannia!" - Sloan, Atlanta, GA
  • " -From France, Condolences, and admiration. I know Londoners will cope,as you did in the past. But those poor people... You're in our mind (yes, even in France...)" - Anonymous
  • "Chirac can laugh at British food; I tend to think it gives one backbone. You survived the Nazis and the IRA, you'll survive this as well, but it's a pity you have to face this new horror. My prayers, sympathy and admiration to a great nation." - Mpav in NYC
  • "Sincere and heartfelt condolences for the innocents and their families. For each and every one of them this is an unspeakable tragedy. God bless and keep them all.
    "A superb article by Tim Worstall on Tech Central Station. Has some excellent quotes from Nosemonkey. Link is here.
    "Spells out the consequences for the perpetrators very well... As I've stated a few times on this blog, I don't know a whole lot about the your customs and politics, but I do know you don't quit or scare very easily. I'll take bets against that fear and panic thing.
    "Good luck to you all..." - Ronnie in New Orleans
  • " My regards and regrets are for London and the victims. Keep it up and don't let those bastards change your ways!" - Jakester
  • "Our prayers are with you today. I only wish there was a local pub around where I could buy a Brit a drink." - Bob
  • " Just to say, thanks. You helped keep me sane at work today." - Robert Jubb
  • "I had never come across this blog before today but I just wanted to thank the person(s) involved in posting all this information, especially when the BBC et al. was getting hammered! Thanks and keep up the good work :)" - Sam
  • "I urge everyone who wishes to remember those who died today in London to also remember those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan, for their suffering is no less than ours." - Kevin
  • "Thoughts and Prayers from the US!! I wish I could be there today and work with the RedCross as much as I did when my own country was attacked. Remeber not to punish those around you. The world contains fanatics, but is not full of them. Be strong for your families and your country!" - Anonymous, Georgia, USA
  • " Just wanted to send thoughts and condolences to the British citizens from Canada.." - aurora borealis
  • "America and all free people stand with Britain today, just as Britain did with us in our times of sorrow. there are many nations enduring the war against terrror. every person who dies was a father or a brother, husband, mother, sister, wife someone who was loved and will be missed. that is a universal truth, grief and saddness have no special language or skin tone... I will drink a pint of Guiness, salute the British, and quietly share your sorrow." - Anonymous
  • "What a horrible tragedy for such a great people. In my travels, the people of London always treated me with decency and friendliness. My heart goes out to all of you.
    "The murderers may have mistaken the civility of the Brits for weakness. Hitler made the same stupid error. The world saw then that Brits have steel backbones, and I'm sure we'll see it again." - Sad American in Massachusetts
  • " God save Britain." - Tom, Indiana, USA
  • "I just had to say, that you and your fellow countrymen should be proud. These (well, for lack of a better phrase...) lowlives have not kept you from holding your head high!
    "I'm so sorry that Great Britain has had to suffer this kind of terrorism on your own soil. We in the US are praying for all of you because we know that this kind of tragedy affects an entire country, not just the families of those who are lost. Please just know that we are with you today, and always!" - Molly
  • "I'm just another American sending my respects and condolences. Please don't be angry at us for sounding militaristic... We respect you so much (don't have the words, sorry)" - Brian Walker, San Diego California
  • " Our prayers are with all of you. We called our daughter today. She's in Paris with her fiance. She was in tears. She had proposed to her fiance in London a few months ago because she thought it was the greatest city "across the pond", and believe me, she's seen'em all. She sends her best wishes to all." - Jerry from Boston
  • "Just want to say thanks for your coverage.. I am in Australia but Have friends and family in London. Australians have been very impressed by the way average londonders as well as Blair have reacted. No nationalitic bullshit (take note, America), but calm actions and that fantastic british humour. Well done." - Amber
  • " My heart goes out to all who lost their lives, and their families. My prayers are with them." - Anonymous


Anonymous Anonymous said...

London, i´m with you! Down here from Argentina, i ´ll be praying for you all! Be strong!

7/08/2005 02:42:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As everyone gets back to normal after the horrible, horrible day we had yesterday, it's hard to strike a balance between an almost cavalier defiance of the terrorists - fuck you, we won't be scared and we won't be swayed, you will not win - and a terrible pain for those whose lives will never be the same again. iF you've lost a loved one, it must feel like terror has already won. I totally agree with Nosemonkey's thought, though, that we mustn't change our lives and we must carry on as a matter of principle.I'm proud to live in this wonderful city and proud of how her citizens, especially the emergency services, reacted yesterday, and I'm proud to be part of the spirit that is making people come back into work today to stick two fingers up at the terrorists. For those who lost a loved one, or who will never forget the terror they lived through, what can you say except that our thoughts and prayers are with them.

7/08/2005 02:59:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband and I are closely following this event; having 3 friends in London...(they're ok). I just wanted to add to what so many have said, that the Brits are awesome and admirable in their spirit of "carry on!" even at a time like this.

It is gratifying to see how well the Emergency Services perform in these horrid circumstances; our New Yorkers were the same....just so admirable.

We in America love you guys; always have. You're like our cousins you know, a just a skip across the pond. All our best..

Trudy / California

7/08/2005 03:28:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want you to know how sorry I am about what happened yesterday in London. It was an outrage and it's what everyone is talking about here in the states. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Stay strong!

7/08/2005 04:03:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George!"

~anon in DC

7/09/2005 08:15:00 pm  

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